Testing & Defect Management

Testing Management Solutions

Testing the functionality of your new HR tenant ensures that all your business-critical processes are working as intended. Not only that, a defect-free HR application gives a superior user experience, better ROI, and wider adoption. Therefore, testing goes hand in hand with a successful business operation.

Testing Purposes, Benefits and Ownerships

  • Testing purpose is to validate your data and configuration is complete.
  • Testing benefits enable better system quality, minimizing productions issues, reduces projects risks, improves data quality, and improves user proficiency.
  • Testing Ownership provides knowledge, increase comfort levels, easing transition onto new system and reduces the need for gaps within organization.

Proven methods for Testing Management

Defect Management Solutions

Defect operation is a systematic process to identify and fix issues that are identified during a defined process. A simplified defect management cycle contains only a few steps; however, you can see our strategy is much more robust:

  • Discovery of Defect
  • Defect Categorization
  • Defect is reconfigured, and unit tested
  • Our team implements additional key steps to ensure the process is done right the first time. This avoids time management issues and delays to the projects
  • Defect Closure and Driven Results

We put your mind at ease with our AI based platform

Deel Advanced Consulting can manage your defect management on an ongoing basis or during your implementation.

You can rely on Deel Advanced Consulting to effectively deal with the following:

  1. We provide a centralized repository for tracking defects across projects.
  2. AI based automated notifications of resource assignments.
  3. Define defect resolution status to map back to your defect management process.
  4. Provide management reporting to provide a clear line of sight of open defects grouped by various criteria such as open defects by project, severity and priority.
  5. We can also capture other items in addition to defects such as: customer suggestions, project related issues, customer complaints and enhancement suggestions.
  6. Support internal and external teams. We provide the opportunity to involve external teams and, in some situations, you the customer.

Defect Management

Our team of defect experts will not only manage your defect process, but we will also lead and guide meetings, create reports and run analytics giving your leadership an overall understanding of where the defect process is. Deel Advanced Consulting’s approach is multifaceted and focused on understanding what caused the defect. We then go back to analyze the validation process that should have caught the defect earlier in the process. Not only can valuable insight be gained as to how to strengthen the review process, but this step provides us with the tools we need to put in preventive measures.

Cross-channel reporting

dashboards + intuitive
drill-down capabilities

Predictive analytics

that identify targeted areas
for improvement

Real-time alerting

multichannel case management
for enhanced closed-loop efforts

Al-powered text analytics

that add critical context to
experience management metrics

Business intelligence

capabilities that integrate
disparate datasets

Continual program guidance

from an experienced
account team

Research-based recommendations

custom field support

Strategic, ROI-based insights

geared toward achieving
business outcomes

Our Mission

We help bridge the knowledge gap’s that can affect clients and their employees. Deel Advanced Consulting provides a seamless transition that enables our clients to gain the knowledge needed to successfully implement and maintain their platform.