FP&A Featuring AI

UNIT4 Financial Planning & Analysis (Prevero) is an intuitive and easy-to-use Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform with integrated business intelligence (BI). It enables organizations to take full control of their business planning and forecasting processes and supports them with advanced analytical and reporting capabilities – all in a single solution. It contains powerful business applications, business intelligence capabilities and Fast implementation capabilities.

Powerful business applications
With UNIT4 applications, FP&A teams can transform complex data into clear insights. This helps them make better decisions and turn plans and ideas into action.

Business intelligence capabilities
UNIT4 offers self-service analytics, enabling FP&A teams to create reports, simulations, analysis and dashboards all by themselves and to work completely independently from other departments in the company.

An ideal operating model
UNIT4 FP&A can be hosted on local, on-premise servers as well as in the cloud. And both deployment models offer automatic login via single sign-on with UNIT4 Identity Services. So, whichever option you choose, you benefit from the full functionality of our solutions and the benefits they deliver to your business.

Artificial intelligence
UNIT4 FP&A is powered by AI. For you, this means no more worrying about defining rules or selecting the right methods; our AI functions take care of that for you, while you focus on more strategic, value adding tasks. For example, deep learning can be used to determine forecast values or automatically check data entries.