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Workday® Consulting, Why Us?

Clients if you are hiring a company to find you talent who does not understand the inner linings of Workday® then you are simply compounding your problem by trusting someone who knows how to word search off a resume. Deel Advanced Consulting is changing this awful system by designing a dual solution system along with providing up-front knowledge from a CEO who is a Workday® expert. We focus on Workday® releases, the post goes live and acquisitions along with integrating them into your Workday® System. Our services include Workday® Configuration, Workday® Releases, Workday® Report Writing, Workday® Security, Workday® Business Process, Workday® Payroll, Workday® HCM, Workday® Training, Workday® Project Management and Proficient Workday® Testing Management. Our consultants have over 20 years of experience and are highly organized and extremely strong across Workday® and Project Management platforms. We are a small firm who believe in having a personal relationship with our clients and not just a business partnership.

As a proven business development leader and Workday® expert, I started DAC to upgrade an outdated system of placing Workday® consultants across all Workday® platforms. We work with clients side by side on how to properly build, maintain and maximize their Workday® platform. We stand for things like listening and spending time with our clients for as long as it takes until they are comfortable and confident moving forward. We believe in offering a service that benefits our clients and showing them how truly special they are to us!
We are young start-up company however we are hungry. We have been part of the Workday® platform for a very long time on everything from data conversion ,testing, acquisitions and Workday® releases.
We base our certifications off years of Workday® knowledge, Workday® Expertise and Workday® track records.
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Workday® Acquisitions & Releases

The key principle behind Workday® Mergers & Acquisitions is that two companies

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Workday® Post Go Live

We have researched and interviewed hundreds of recruiting firms to filter OUT

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This website will reduce overhead, remove recruiting company fees and save clients

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  • "We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."

    Jason Verity – CEO

    DAC took the time to understand our needs. I felt like I was being partnered with an organization that had my interests at heart.

  • "Create with the heart; build with the mind."

    Sarah Banter – HR Central Region CFO

    That is the real benefit of working with DAC—how they helped us attract and retain the best people at our growing company.

  • “Any fool can write a book and most of them are doing it; but it takes brains to build a house.”

    Steven McCanty – Workday® Central Region Director

    The goal of the post go-live Workday® project with DAC was to prepare us for future associates entering today’s workforce who expects modern technology that's working proficiently, and we wanted to maximize a best-in-class system that will help us be more efficient and effective in our jobs.

    Ultimately, we want to enable the healthcare professional to focus even more on the people they serve vs fixing bad data.

  • “Knowledge is knowledge whether it teaches you construction or destruction.”

    Dave Mittelstat – Lead Workday® Architect Northwest Division

    Our employees can basically be on an airplane and do approvals across the board, review talent management, review performance management, all through their mobile devices or from a laptop.

    And I don’t have to do anything. Even better, new functionality is delivered to me every four months with those updates and DAC helped us understand it.

Workday® Experts?

Because we are very flexible

We have researched and interviewed hundreds of recruiting firms to filter OUT who simply don’t understand workday and how it’s built.

This removes the old process of clients sending requirements over to recruiters who are unable to interpret workday interlinings and configuration, consultants lying about what they know on workday and the recruiter not knowing enough about the product to catch this, in addition consultants learning on the fly off of community at the clients expense which is a terrible idea.